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June 2012
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U.S. House of Representatives, First Congressional District of Kentucky

Staff report

James Comer (R)

1. Tell us about you (including but not limited to personal, educational, and professional information):

I am a farmer and small business owner who resides in Tompkinsville with my wife of 13 years, Tamara Jo, and my three children. T.J. and I both graduated from Monroe County High. Immediately after graduation from Western Kentucky University with a degree in agriculture,

I returned home to start my first business. Today, I have grown my first business into one of the largest farming operations in south central Kentucky.

T.J. and I have also been active in our community. She served on the public school Site Based Council as well as a Sunday School teacher and a youth cheerleader coach. I served as the Monroe Co. Chamber of Commerce president and as a director of South Central Bank.

I served six terms as a Kentucky state representative and one term as Kentucky commissioner of agriculture.

I was an active and accessible state representative who always returned my calls and was constantly present in the four counties I represented. I had a solid conservative voting record on both fiscal policy as well as social issues.

As agriculture commissioner, I turned the Kentucky Department of Agriculture into the most transparent, efficient and accountable government agency in Frankfort.

2. What makes you the best qualified candidate?

I have a strong track record of private sector success. I have created private sector jobs in multiple industries. I understand the struggles that small business owners face and can be a credible voice in Washington for the job creators of the First District.

I have experience as a legislator. I was always present and involved in the communities that I represented in Frankfort, and I stayed in constant communication with my constituents. Because of this, I knew exactly how the majority of the people I represented wanted me to vote, and I always voted the will of my constituents.

I have had success in fighting back against President Obama's federal government overreach.

As commissioner of agriculture, I sued the federal government and won!

We desperately need a leader in Congress who will stand up to out of control federal bureaucrats and shrink the size of the federal government. I am the only candidate endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Also, thanks to my strong, pro-gun and pro-life voting record as a state representative, I am the only candidate endorsed by the NRA and the Kentucky Right to Life.

3. What issue will be your first priority if you are elected?

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. You and I have to live within our means, Congress should also. We have a $19 trillion budget debt that our children and grandchildren will inherit. It is immoral what Congress has done to the next generation. The only way to make Congress stop spending more than it takes in is to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. Congress has failed to balance the budget because many of them are beholden to the special interests. I will represent the people, not the special interests.

In order to balance the budget, we must have Congressmen who are serious about reducing spending. I am committed to reducing unnecessary spending and have a record of eliminating waste, fraud and abuse at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. I also know how to meet a payroll in the private sector as a business owner.

4. What long-term issues concern you the most?

In order to keep our best and brightest young people in the rural counties across the First Congressional District, we must create more good paying jobs. The biggest impediments to job creation in rural areas are the federal government's burdensome regulations, unfair trade policies, and lack of infrastructure. As congressman, I will work daily to get the federal government off the backs of our small business owners so that they can grow their businesses and create more jobs. Jobs are created in the private sector, not by the government. Big government has been the problem, not a solution. I understand that and will fix the problem.

It is the role of the government to build infrastructure. I will fight for every dollar to build and maintain our roads and bridges and update our locks and dams system. We must also invest in broadband and wireless technology.

Samuel Gaskins (D)

1. Tell us about you (including but not limited to personal, educational, and professional information):

I am a 13-year veteran of the Marine Corps and Army Infantry with combat experience in Iraq. I am a graduate of Christian County High School.

I was born in Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, raised in Crofton, Kentucky, and now live in Herndon. My roots run deep in Kentucky. Both my Republican opponent and I have an "A" rating with the NRA.

2. What makes you the best qualified candidate?

I know I am the best person to represent the First Congressional District because I see the effects the actions in Washington have on my friends, family and neighbors.

I have a view of the world political stage rooted in the actions of combat and diplomacy working in Iraq personally.

3. What issue will be your first priority if you are elected?

When I am elected, the first piece of legislation that I want to push is to work to replace and repair our infrastructure. Along with getting these projects started, getting a Federal Municipal Bond passed to fund the projects is going to be necessary. This will let Americans invest in our country's future as well as help small businesses take a tax break to help them grow.

4. What long-term issues concern you the most?

The long term future of our country resides in the education of our youth, the shape of our infrastructure, the care of our veterans, and the health of our citizens.

Education will help our country lead the world in innovation again. Our infrastructure will bring us back to a world leader in production and commerce. Our veterans gave more than we can ever repay. And the overall health of our citizens needs to be addressed at all costs.

Terry McIntosh (write-in)

1. Tell us about you (including but not limited to personal, educational, and professional information):

I am a registered Republican, but running as an Independent write-in candidate because I have zero faith in party nominees. I pledge to serve without pay until we get the national debt under control because it's immoral for representatives to prosper while they drive the nation into bankruptcy. If we are to remain free, we must be debt free. I also do it to let you know how serious I am about this race. It's not about a job or money. For me, it's about putting our nation back on track and saving it from those who are trying to destroy our civil liberties and freedoms. Liberty lost may never be regained, and now is the time for real patriots to take Congress back.

I am married, one son, two stepchildren, six grandchildren, and another one due mid-November. I am a retired businessman, former Special Forces combat veteran, and served as chairman of the Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine for the past 26 years. I'm an imperfect Christian, but one with conservative values. Education includes a degree in marketing from the former Draughon's Junior Business College. I am a member of the Kentucky Patriot Guard Association.

2. What makes you the best qualified candidate?

I am the only true conservative in the race. I will consistently resist the left-wing Hillary agenda. I understand how Congress works. I understand its internal rules. I know how to get things done. I will do what needs to be done. I can't be bought or tempered by party leaders when they compromise conservative values. I will protect the unborn, our freedoms, and help restore common sense in government. I am not a party clone. I will answer to the people of my district and never bow to party pressure when it misrepresents us.

My opponents are clones of the very people responsible for the mess we're in today. Nothing will ever change if they are elected. I will always vote on the right side of Kentucky and our Republic, not special interests.

I am not greedy. I will never vote myself a tripled pension increase on the back of hard working tax payers like my GOP opponent did.

I will never mislead the public about my intentions like he has. My website exposes those facts. I understand the root cause of problems. Party nominees follow failed policies. I will work to solve them and fight for the right.

3. What issue will be your first priority if you are elected?

On the national level, the debt and security share equal importance. One without the other will not work. I am serving free until we get the debt under control and on way to recovery, so you know I will be working hard on it. The debt compromises us in lots of ways and threatens the future of our children. They were born free. We must make sure they remain free.

National security is so important that domestic issues will not matter if we don't bring integrity back into our foreign affairs. Hostile forces want to harm us, and if we don't preserve our nation from harm, nothing else matters. The party line is corrupt when it comes to foreign policy. Blind patriotism results in support of that corruption. True patriotism seeks what is in the best interest of the country and takes steps to fix it. I will do that. The cause of potential harm must be stopped. Changes are demanded, and I will demand it. This sets me apart from the party candidates.

They don't have a clue as to causation and will end up putting party band aids on issues without dealing with the root problem.

4. What long-term issues concern you the most?

Kentucky jobs are a major concern. The poverty level is almost 20 percent now and nobody is doing anything about it, just empty talk. Kentucky wages are at the same level as 10 years ago. We must save jobs and bring new business to keep Kentucky strong. I will work to that end without fail.

Every candidate worth his salt says the same thing, but I will do it.

International trade deals like the TPP usurp the Constitution and are a threat to American sovereignty. Sen. McConnell supports it and says that it won't go away and will be voted on within next two years.

We must stop it. Benedict Arnolds like Paul Ryan, McConnell, and his clone, Mr. Comer, support "fair" trade. "Fair" is a code word that subjects Americans to foreign control with one vote out of 12.

It will just get worse. Mr. Comer has twice refused to pledge to protect American sovereignty against corporate control and foreign courts. Important details about this subject are on my website at www.terrymcintosh.solutions.

The deal subverts American control of our borders and floods the market with sub-standard products. I will defend American business and economy against foreign rules, corporations, and courts.

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