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June 2012
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Nuclear plant would bring more waste, harm to state



Reasons to keep the "No new nuclear plants in Kentucky until the waste can be solved" law:

1. The legacy environmental devastation here in our area, both on and off site from the USEC will be with us for generations. Some of it can be contained. But some of it cannot be solved. It is with us and spreading. It causes various diseases and cancers and birth defects and deaths and it will continue to do so in the future. We do not need another nuclear plant bringing more waste and damages to our people, land, plants, waters and air.

2. The proposed plant would bring all of Portsmouth, Ohio's nuclear waste here. The DOE is still negotiating with a company to buy it and USEC's waste as fuel for the proposed plant here. This company, GLE, LLC, has no backers and its technology is "in development." Further, any economic benefit from such a technology, if it is ever developed, is "high risk" and way into the future. It is not good business to throw our money at such a risky experimental business that is a business in name only. We are not a laboratory for this Australian company.

3. If the technology does succeed some day, the end product will be dual purposed, for fuel or for making weapons. This heightens the need for greater security. A disaster, either from terrorists or an earthquake, would affect most of the middle United States population and environment due to our geographic location. This technology would create even more waste we do not know how to solve. We do not want to be a nuclear waste dump.

4. Nuclear is not carbon neutral. From mining, transport, mixing, building, running, decommissioning, containment and clean-up, more energy is used than the plant produces in its lifetime. Further, a new plant always has unexpected costs and overruns. Nuclear energy is not viable economically.



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