Community's support of young musicians, artists important

By By BILL FORD Paducah


My life has again been enriched by God. Immanuel Baptist Church hosted Brittany Washam's Spring String Recital presented by Patty and Sarah Story. The piano accompanied by pianist Melissa Heath.

I was so awed by these wonderful youngsters individually playing violins, cellos and viola. My young nine-year-old friend Hunter Korte brilliantly played the violin composition Allegro by S. Suzuki. I was so proud of his performance.

Music is such a valued and needed part of our lives and for young people to receive the exposure and training to express themselves in the beautiful music in this world is something that will forever enrich their lives.

Attendance was wonderful. I encourage you to attend concerts of this nature in the future to show the support needed to further these young people's talent and interest in performing. We are a community that is so blessed with musicians, artists, actors, writers, sculptures and photographers.

Again Ms. Washam has excelled as a teacher.